Friday, June 1, 2012

About Workshop

This workshop is designed for women who were left disoriented, misunderstood, disgruntled and enraged after a birth experience that didn't go the way they had hoped it would.  If the following describes YOU, then this is your space and opportunity to begin to heal:
  • You thought you would have a natural birth, or at least a normal one, but that didn't happen and now you are filled with sorrow
  • You were left feeling as if everything was taken from you 
  • You feel a tremendous sense of loss; deceived; distraught
  • You feel isolated and alone as a result of the birth experience that went awry. 
  • You want to understand the sense of deep depression that often accompanies conscious women who's pregnancy, labor and/or birth didn't go well
  • You want comfort, support, understanding, information, learning, and techniques for moving to a better and happier space. 
  • You are tired of feeling despair - and  you are quite certain that what you are going through is not just "postpartum blues" - but a true and valid reaction to either unexpected, horrid, or tragic events surrounding the birth of their baby.
  • Your physical or emotional healing remains unresolved long after your birth.
This is your opportunity to be in a lovely, quiet, healing space - emotionally and physically, a place where others understand that feeling better may require a box of tissues - first. It is for those who want to move past the darkness they feel into the light, but at their own pace.

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  1. Sounds fantastic, Nancy. Will it be led by you? How much does it cost? What are the hours? What city will it be in? When you get all that up, I'll start promoting it. Love Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC Canada